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Ranch Powder Recipe That Actually Tastes Good

Homemade Ranch Dip

I enjoy making as many things as I can from scratch; it likely comes from my childhood of having nothing but hunters and gardeners around me. The more I know about the foods that go in our bellies, the happier I am. Beyond hunting for our meat, we also forage for mushrooms, rosehips, and pine nuts when they’re in season, and one of these is my secret ingredient for homemade ranch. No, not the ranch dressing that’s semi-quasi-not-really-ranch, but a recipe that will surprise you with how close it tastes to the real thing.

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Bear Roast Recipe

Bear Roast

It’s not often you get to taste bear meat, but when the neighbors are nice enough to share a few roasts, tasting will be had!

There are fears around bear meat that it can cause food borne illnesses if not cooked properly, so most people simply stay away from it. It’s true, but as true as eating raw pork or chicken. Bears are carriers of trichinella spiralis and toxoplasma gondii, which are parasite that cause trichinosis and toxoplasmosis, neither of which anyone wants to flirt with. Because of this, some would say that sitting down to a bear dinner, could be your last. Scary, right? Well, the same could be said for just about any meat that isn’t cooked to the proper temperature – raw chicken anyone? As important as it is to cook chicken and pork to the right internal temperature, wild game too has to be cooked right. For bear, that internal temperature is 160⁰ F, which means you need to have a thermometer to be able to ensure the meat is cooked properly. Most recipes would have you cook bear meat at 375⁰ F for 20-25 minutes per pound, but any recipe adjustment should always be measured on that internal temperature of 160⁰ F; basically, you don’t want to see any pink meat when you slice into the bear.

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How to Cook Thin Venison Steaks

Thin Venison- Steaks Cooked Medium Rare

When people think of hunting the Rocky Mountains, they’re usually not thinking of hunting deer, squirrel, and rabbit. It’s the trophy elks, mountain goats, and mountain lions that they pride themselves on – getting the biggest and best, simply for bragging rights. But for us, it’s about filling our freezers full of meat for the winter, which is why we’re not beyond hunting those animals that most hunters would ignore.

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Living Life Mountain Side

Parshall Divide, Colorado

We’re mountain folk at heart. My husband’s family homesteaded the Troublesome, which is near Kremmling, Colorado, and I’ve always lived in small towns. After a short stint in Boulder, Colorado for me to complete my undergrad in Sociology at the University of Colorado, we decided that we wanted to go back to Grand County to raise our family. Over the past 10 years, that’s exactly where we’ve been, and enjoy every minute of it. Of course, me being in Internet Marketing, it’s hard for me to live the life I love, but we’ve made the sacrifice to have the family remain in the mountain town, while I drive to the city during the week to work. Yuck, I know, but it’s worked for us thus far.

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Elk Meatloaf Recipe

Elk Meatloaf

With cold winter months around the corner, I’m starting to crave comforts foods like Colorado green chili, tortilla soup, and meatloaf.  However, it’s still in the 90’s outside, so a warm bowl of soup still doesn’t suit the palate just yet, but that doesn’t exclude meatloaf!  I know, meatloaf got a bad rap when someone decided to dirty it up with huge chunks of veggies and super market meat that was as far away from fresh as it gets.  Kids across the country have grown up never knowing that meatloaf can actually be good.

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Pickled & Canned Jalapenos

Canning Mason Jar Pickled Peppers

This is the first time I’ve tried my hand at pickled jalapenos, so I made way to many jars. Not that it’s really that big of a deal, but I learned that all I really need to make is 2 jars of the jalapenos and I’d likely be set for the year (I’m the only one that likes heat in their food in this house).

With that said, I stocked up on a few pounds of jalapeno and had to can them, or they’d be left to rot – that’s definitely not going to happen – so canning a bunch of jalapenos was the solution.

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Dehydrate Tomato Skins to Make Tomato Paste

Dehydrated Tomato Skin Flakes

Unless you like the stringy texture of tomato skins in your canned tomatoes, odds are you have plenty of skins that are destined for the trash. But, I’m here to tell you that those ‘useless’ skins can be used for good – you just have to dehydrate them.

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Canning Stewed Tomatoes

Canned Stewed Tomatoes

I have a love/hate relationship with canning. I love it at the beginning, but by the end of the day, my back hurts and I’m sick of the entire process. However, the next day when I stock my pantry full of those beautifully canned foods, I stand proud looking at all of my hard work. Thus it goes every year, I forget about the hate I have for canning, and begin the process over again.

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How to Sanitize Mason Jars

There are two great ways to sterilize the jars, rings, and lids of canning mason jars, both of which are super easy to do. Before we start, remember that your lids should always be handled separately. Exposing them to high heat can ruin the inner lining that helps the jars seal. Also, it’s best to use new lids each time you can. You don’t want to worry about giving your family something like botulism because of a bad seal, so don’t risk it by using old lids.

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Welcome to Mountain Girl Camp

Allen Family Hiking Lake Evelyn

I write for a lot of different blogs across the Internet, everything from restaurant supplies, parts, and equipment to Congenital Bilateral Perisylvian Syndrome (CBPS). I also do a lot of ghost writing for electric companies, large eCommerce companies, celebrities, and other odd subjects that help make up a very impressive resume. However, the problem is that the only one of these sites that really touches my heart is the one that covers CBPS.

In comes Mountain Girl Camp.

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